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Cloud native

Cloud providers continue to offer low friction services at minimal costs. With a platform that supports a cloud-native approach, enterprises build applications that run on any (public or private) cloud without modification. Teams have the ability to run apps and services where it makes the most business sense without locking into one single cloud.

Portalco projects

Graph database systems, the fastest-growing category in the database space. Key use-cases include Analytics, Fraud, Graph-Based Search, Identity & Access Management, MDM/Data Governance, Network & IT Operations, Real-Time Recommendations and Social Networks. .


Systems architect consulting for business performance optimization. Architecture includes web portal architecture integrated with data intensive software systems and service architectures.


Portalco helps successfully optimize the use of technology and architecture to support the company's strategic plan and the needs of its clients. Portalco provides a technical vision that is aligned with the company’s business vision, and development and execution of the technology plan


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